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Update date 03 Nov 2023
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WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold is a modified version of WhatsApp that has been improved over the original version. Once you learn about the cool, new and exclusive features of WhatsApp, you can download WhatsApp Gold, the best option for messaging and social interaction with friends and family.

WhatsApp Gold is the largest chat and social media app with the ability to download the latest version for free.
Download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold with a direct link from our website. WhatsApp Gold update with features will amaze you and will be a big shock to you with its amazing features.

Why WhatsApp Gold is the best?

The reason why many people use WhatsApp Gold is because of the available capabilities that are not available in other apps like regular WhatsApp, such as hiding your online status. It also has many great features. The most important of which is preventing deletion of messages, hiding viewing statuses, and many other additions that we will present to you in the following paragraphs.

Details about WhatsApp Gold

the nameWhatsApp Gold APK
APK size66 MB

🤔How to download the WhatsApp Gold update

Download WhatsApp Gold, which is a very favorite application and used by many users around the world daily. Thanks to its capabilities that are not accessible in the original WhatsApp application, here is how to download and update it:

The latest update of WhatsApp Gold is available regularly on our website. Here's how to update the app:

Install the APK file by clicking on the download option available in the article.

Wait for the download to complete and make sure it is the latest version.

Go to Settings, then Security, and enable the downloading from unknown sources feature.

If the official WhatsApp app is already installed on your phone, make a backup of your chats.

Go back to the WhatsApp Gold APK file and double click to install it.

After installing the app, go to the home screen. Enter your phone number and open it.

Once you enter the information, you can recover your data.

Now, you can use WhatsApp Gold successfully.

    😊WhatsApp Gold features

    WhatsApp Gold includes many great features that people love.

    Here is a list of key features when installing WhatsApp Gold for Android:

    Download WhatsApp Gold The most prominent features of the latest update:
    Schedule messages.

    Send a message to any phone number without keeping contact information.

    Choose vibrant and attractive themes.

    Self-deleting messages You can set a period for your messages to disappear and delete on WhatsApp.

    Hide the forwarding status of messages.

    You also have complete control over who can contact you.

    View status and deleted messages.

    Hide viewing status.

    Also hide your internet connection status, your presence on the application, and your last appearance.

    Hide blue marks.

    A blue check mark will also appear after you reply.

    Send photos in their original resolution.

    Also disable media sharing caps.

    Share an unlimited number of media files.

    Remove media from gallery.

    Messages can also be forwarded up to 300 times.

    WhatsApp's airplane mode enables you to cut off the internet on the application only and not the rest of the applications.

    Pin more than one group or conversation on WhatsApp.

    Backup feature.

    Also save videos and photos of the status using the status arrow in the status section.

    😉Explanation of the new features in WhatsApp Gold

    Message scheduling:
    You can take advantage of the message scheduling feature. You can choose the recipients, time, and message you want to send. WhatsApp Gold will automatically send this message to the contacts you specify at the desired time.

    Send a message to a number without saving their number:
    WhatsApp Gold allows you to send any number without saving their number in your contacts. Simply tap the three dots in the upper right corner to display the menu, then choose “Send Number.” In the pop-up box that appears, enter the number, then tap Open Chat. Chat will be activated for the number entered immediately.

    Self-destruct messages:
    You can send self-destructing messages using WhatsApp Gold. When you and your friends view these messages, they will be immediately deleted from your conversations at the time you specify, whether deleting messages a day, a week, or a month.

    Deleted messages and status:
    In WhatsApp Gold, you can view messages that your friends have deleted. The same applies to cases. You can also watch it.

    Share videos:
    You can share videos up to 80MB in size. There is no limit to the number of media files you can select to share. You can easily select and share up to 30, 50 or even 100 files.

    Hide chats:
    With this feature, the recipient will also be removed from the app's contact list and placed in secret chats. To access secret chats, click on the title visible on the home page and enter the password.

    Freeze last seen:
    Freeze last seen feature is also an excellent feature to convince people that you are offline and have not used WhatsApp for a specific period. Your last appearance will be considered as the last time this option is enabled.

    Important note: The WhatsApp Gold application cannot be downloaded in the Play Store. WhatsApp Gold APK download link is available here.

    What's new in the WhatsApp Gold application

    Read messages:
    Added the ability to mark all existing chats as read when the Read Messages After Reply option is enabled.

    Video messages:
    For new video messages, an option to save them has been added.

    Variable messages:
    An icon has been added next to changed messages.

    Disable audio/video recording:
    Updated to include one option to disable playback of audio/video recording messages.

    Recording clips:
    When you tap the microphone button once while chatting, you can send a short clip.

    New home page design:
    Activate the new design of the home page.

    High Definition Media Transfer:
    Enable high definition photo/video transmission.

    Automatic daily backup:
    You can control automatic backups daily, weekly, or monthly.

    Find out more updates:
    Find out more updates now.

      WhatsApp Gold APK installation requirements for Android.

      To download and update WhatsApp Gold APK, you need an Android smartphone. You also need to remove the old app first or you can download the new version of the app. Internet connection required. You should download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold APK available on the direct links above the article.

        🤔How to get WhatsApp Gold latest update

        We will update WhatsApp Gold versions on our website every day. Moreover, you can now download the updated WhatsApp Gold APK through the direct download links available at the beginning and end of the article.

        Download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold with a direct link. WhatsApp Gold is considered the best version with new features available on our website.

        🤗in conclusion:

        WhatsApp has become essential for modern communication. If you're an app user, WhatsApp Gold offers additional features to enhance your favorite software, along with more privacy and freedom.

        In addition, this modified version of WhatsApp, known as WhatsApp Gold, provides more than 20 additional features. . Finally, we wish you a nice day!